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NISSIM Uneven Ground Front Cover
NISSIM Uneven Ground Back Cover

In Uneven Ground, his first-ever official release, NISSIM has created an intimate narrative space that traces his journey over the past 8 years. The full-length album is a mindful introspection and melancholic contemplation of the composer’s flaws and failings. In his search for himself and his distinct sound, NISSIM has drawn on his own experiences to build a sequence of multidimensional soundscapes that lure his listeners deeper and deeper into a world that continuously recreates itself. The result is a highly personal ten-track album that marks NISSIM’s coming of age as an electronic music producer.

Produced and recorded between Berlin and Luxembourg with a minimal setup, all tracks are one-take recordings with no editing and hardly any mixing, just hardcore analog mastering. NISSIM considers the producer in him an alter ego that stands in stark contrast to the exactitude of his work as an audio engineer. “Whatever I recorded from my machines, that’s what stays. And if it works, I’ll save it, and if it doesn’t, I’ll just delete it. When I try to capture current moods and ambiances, there’s no point of going back and editing things, that just doesn’t work for me”. The tracks unconventionally move on a wide spectrum of electronic music, combining a wealth of elements from various genres such a Techno, Ambient, Drum n Bass, and HipHop, thus creating unexpected sonic layers whilst showcasing a complex diversity in the arrangement, sound design, and rhythm.

In a refusal to follow any trend or current hype, the concept was to create a timeless story– authentic and personal–that captures moments of unmet expectations and disappointment. “These tracks are snapshots of points in my life when things didn’t go as well as I wanted them to and I felt disillusioned regarding certain aspects of my life”, says NISSIM. “You might consider it a sad album but to me, it’s rather a reminder to myself to value the lows you experience just like you appreciate the highs”.

The album is produced, mixed, and mastered by Ohad Nissim aka NISSIM. Cover photography by Gal Liber.

"It is a great pleasure to collaborate with NISSIM during the pandemic. NISSIM works in unconventional ways, and all the tracks are one takes without edits, production, and rebalance. I am very impressed with the way he produced music, which makes every track timeless. He describes this album as a journey of searching and snapshots of down and falls in life. Being consistent with how he made this track, ‘Uneven Ground,’ I used a real-time rendering engine (Touchdesigner) to design a visual system. I adjust this system’s parameters in real-time when I listen to this track, and it generates multiple visual footages. Those unique footages are one-takes with chances and indeterminacy. I assembled the footage together as my emotional response to this track. Life is a journey, a one-take, and at the same time, an adventure. In this video, I create a journey of a virtual creature using abstract visual language. It struggles, moves, transforms, searches for meanings, and evolves with the music. It is a metaphor in this poetry of life. Like Heraclitus said: “Everything flows, and nothing abides; everything gives way, and nothing stays fixed. You cannot step twice into the same river, for other waters are continually flowing on. It is in changing that things find repose.”"

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